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In the modern world many have opted to use electronic Bibles. While I LOVE my LOGOS Software, there is nothing that can replace the touch and feel of a real Bible with real pages that you can highlight, underline, and takes notes on. While electronic resources are excellent for doing research, you should strongly consider bringing your real, physical Bible to services, a few highlighters or colored pens, and a notebook. As we study different topics and read through different texts the Holy Spirit will highlight certain things to you, and you'll want to note and date what He speaks to you. Let's face it, we easily forget God's faithfulness in the little things, and He often sends warnings and gives us a "heads up" so we can avoid pitfalls if we are willing to pay close attention to everything He speaks to us on a daily basis. You'll be amazed at how much you start to realize God is speaking to you that you would have otherwise overlooked or forgotten. 


Dr. Anderson